Communication Profile

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    Preston Rich, LLC offers its clients practical real world leadership development training based on proven theoretical concepts.  Our leadership development program is centered on five basic tenets; individual behavior, core leadership, motivation, communication, and team leadership.  We believe that character centered communication is one of the best methods used to lead people and effective teams.

    Communication, character, and effectiveness work together to help one understand their destiny.  In order to fully understand how all tenets work together, one must first understand how they communicate.  How do you communicate?  How does your team communicate? Is your team effective? As a leader, are you an effective communicator? Click  here  to get your personalized communication profile for only $50.  You profile will reveal your communication, character, effectiveness, and help you to determine your destiny.

    Taking the profile is the first step in our leadership development program.  Our program is geared to developing new managers into effective leaders by teaching real world practices that enable our clients to lead their teams and provide immediate value upon completion. Our instructors have at least 20 years  experience as leaders in several Fortune 500 companies. Our instructors also hold graduate degrees in the field of management and leadership.

    Interested in our program? Email our owner Dr. Preston Rich for more details and upcoming class schedules.