Coaching Services

    Preston Rich, LLC offers coaching services to meet the diverse needs of all of our customers regardless of where they are in their personal development cycle.  We offer one-on-one, group, and intensive two-day VIP coaching packages.  Why should you do business with us?  Do you want to be better?  What do we do best?

    We help entrepreneurs, executives, salespeople, professionals, and sports teams create life changing action plans and behaviors needed to exceed their goals. We get people from stuck to successful.  We use our C4 philosophy to transform people into leaders who are able to take charge of their personal and professional lives.

    We offer our clients practical real world leadership coaching based on proven theoretical concepts and practical application.  Our leadership coaching program is centered on five basic tenets:

    1. Individual behavior
    2. Core leadership
    3. Motivation
    4. Communication
    5. Team leadership

    Character, communication, and effectiveness work together to help understand one’s destiny.  In order to fully understand how all tenets work together, one must first understand their own communication profile.  How do you communicate?  How does your team communicate?  Is your team effective?  As a leader, are you an effective communicator?  Click  here  to get your personalized communication profile for only $50 .

    Our areas of expertise in leadership coaching span the following focus areas:

    • Self esteem/self-confidence
    • Work/life balance
    • Career advancement
    • Leadership
    • Forging and maintaining positive relationships
    • Critical thinking


    Call Dr. Rich directly to set up your initial session @ 972.379.7424.  We look forward to meeting you and remember — Today is the first day of the rest of your life, make it your best day!!!