Who Are We?

    Preston Rich, LLC is a minority veteran owned business located in Frisco, Texas. We are dedicated to the Education, Enrichment, and Empowerment of our clients so that they consistently achieve and Exceed their goals. We do this by delivering edutainment seminars, keynotes, panels, and workshops that cover diverse personal and professional topics like:

    • Critical Thinking
    • Transformational Leadership
    • Military to Civilian Transition
    • Management
    • Dynamic Team Communications Strategies
    • Ethical Leader Behavior
    • Business Ethics, Self-Improvement
    • General Topics in Family Life
    • Raising Boys to Be Better Men
    • Student Engagement Methods for the Community College Professor
    • Managing Interpersonal Conflict

    In a nutshell, we are educators who have over 50 years of corporate, educational, entrepreneurial, professional coaching, public administration, and social experience who decided to take our classes to the masses. We found that the common denominator in all industries is the people and we are dedicated to meeting the needs of the people, wherever they may be in their life’s journey. We tailor each client’s experience to meet their specific needs. Our clients have told us that they loved our workshops and seminars because they were constantly engaged, entertained, and learned a great deal of new information.

    Our Team

    Ms. Angela Galloway, MS, CFLE

    Certified Family Life Educator

    Dr. Preston Rich

    Head Listener in Charge

    What We Do


    Speaking and Panels

    We speak about and sit on panels that discuss a wide variety of topics including, leadership, team communication, motivation, organizational behavior, how to take charge of your life with critical thinking, raising boys to be better men, healing our men, issues in the Black community, military to civilian transition for veterans to name a few.



    We teach management, leadership, and organizational behavior, and critical thinking development courses in the DFW and DMV metroplexes.


    Seminars and Workshops

    We hold workshops and seminars to help companies fix broken leaders, thinking, and teams.

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    • CT Lunch and Learn - August 2016
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    What They Said

    • J. Cooper

      Dr. Rich is a stellar professor. Not only did he teach from the book knowledgeably, but also from personal experiences which showed that understanding organizational behavior was necessary to succeed in the workplace.

      J. Cooper
    • Educator, Parker University

      Dr. Rich was very engaging! By the end of the retreat, we felt as if he were a part of the team. We look forward to working with him on other projects in the future.

      Educator, Parker University
    • Educator, Parker University

      I think Dr. Rich is perceptive, intelligent, and erudite. I think he's better than the heuristic that he uses. It's OK as a tool to generate discussion, but I wouldn't be so tightly wedded to it.

      Educator, Parker University
    • Administrator, Parker University

      Dr. Rich was very engaging and helpful. He assisted in explaining the material as it was presented. He was able to identify with everyone in the room. He was inspiring and refreshing. Dr. Rich also gave us insight on how to interact with other departments and the University as a whole. I use the information presented in my personal life as well as work. I have taken the information presented and used it within the office and others are noticing some differences. I want to thank Dr. Rich for all of his assistance.

      Administrator, Parker University
    • Educator, Parker University

      Dr. Rich is a great speaker and presenter.

      Educator, Parker University
    • R. Echeandia

      I just finished working with Preston at a mutual client and wanted to recommend him for his professionalism, drive, and expertise. Preston was brought in to perform an overall audit of the client's IT environment against a federal standard and despite having a very short amount of time and limited access to client resources, he did an outstanding job of determining the client's true security posture, identifying areas for future improvement and documenting the audit results in a comprehensive but clear manner. Our client was very pleased with his work and commended him on multiple occasions for doing a great job. I can enthusiastically recommend him for anyone that needs help with their IT Security practices.

      R. Echeandia
    • D. Morgan

      Preston is an awesome guy and I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to work with him.

      D. Morgan
    • S. Jones

      I have had the pleasure of working with Preston over a number of years at PepsiCo. I found him to be an outgoing, dynamic, and strategic thought-leader and educator. Preston is passionate and talented and effective in building strong relationships. Well-versed in organizational and project management, he provides a disciplined approach to getting things done. Preston is a proven professional and would be an excellent asset to your organization.

      S. Jones
    • R. Malone

      Preston is a forward-thinking and proactive manager that not only keeps a hawk-like eye on the overall picture but provides and atmosphere of collective ownership to everyone on the team. He not only can provide a clear understanding of the project to Senior Leadership, but can provide a constructive feedback and clear direction to those working with him on the team. With Preston it IS a TEAM environment. You succeed as one team, or you fail as one team. I'd happily work with or for Preston anytime. He is truly team Leader and team Player.

      R. Malone
    • K. Bomar

      I worked with Preston for several years and considered him as one of the best program managers I have worked with before or since. Preston is ethical, detail oriented and always aware of the program's goals. I will endorse Preston without reservation.

      K. Bomar
    • K. Kirkwood

      Preston is an excellent technical program and project manager. Network projects are an area of specialty for him and he was instrumental in delivering VOIP communications into this very large company. I would recommend Preston for any role where he was the leading factor to deliver a complex network technology project.

      K. Kirkwood
    • B. Childers

      I've known Preston for many years. His determination to exceed expectations and his breadth of expertise are two of his hallmark characteristics. He has the ability to bring teams together, rally the group into a unified effort, and drive any project to success. I have worked with Preston on several occasions and look to leverage his experience at every opportunity.

      B. Childers
    • K. Callaghan

      He is a leader among leaders and should be viewed by those that have not yet gotten to know him as one to trust and to drive success for you or your organization.

      K. Callaghan
    • A. Ntaba

      Dr. Rich also has a passion for education. He has always encouraged me to expose myself to reading beyond the classroom setting and subjects, expose myself to materials that will educate and inform me and build my knowledge.

      A. Ntaba
    • A. Sahayaraj

      Dr. Rich’s classes instilled in me a purpose and method to think critically which successfully challenged me to go beyond simply scratching the book. His passion for the subject and his real life experiences made me go beneath the surface and think more deeply about life and personal philosophies. The most important aspect that helped me develop the student-professor bond was the respect that Dr. Rich showed for his students.

      A. Sahayaraj
    • A. James

      Dr. Rich is a great coach...he cares and if you follow his program, you will change your life and achieve your goals

      A. James

    About Dr. Rich


    Dr. Preston Rich is a proud Christian, father, veteran, speaker, educator, author, transformational leadership consultant, coach, and entrepreneur in Frisco, TX. He served over 10 years in the United States Air Force which included two tours in support of Operation Desert Storm. He was a 2013 and 2015 Presidential Management Fellow (PMF) finalist. His diverse background has provided him with over 30 years of leadership experience in five separate industries. Dr. Rich currently imparts knowledge; as an adjunct professor, to management and organizational behavior students at Richland College in Dallas, TX. He has also taught management courses as a full-time faculty member at Collin College. His engaging, Socratic style has earned him the distinction as a “professor of choice” among the business student population on all campuses where he has taught. He recently developed the “Rich Thinking Series” designed to teach people how to use critical thinking to change and take control of their lives. He was the first scholar in the world to develop an instrument that quantitatively measured the relationship between ethical leader behavior and organizational performance. Dr. Rich is dedicated to positively impacting people by teaching them how to become transformational in all aspects of their personal and professional lives.


    ITIL V3 Foundation

    Project Management

    Change Management

    Conflict Management

    Online College Instruction

    Kendall Life Languages Trainer



     Veterans of Foreign Wars – Post 8273 – Quartermaster

    Veterans of Foreign Wars – Dept. of Texas, District 1 – Jr. Vice Commander

    Disabled American Veterans – Life Member

    Richland College Male Achievement Program (MAP) – Speaker, Advisor


      Critical Thinking

      Transformational Leadership

      Ethical Leader Behavior


      Business Ethics




    Ph.D. w/Distinction, Organization and Management

    MBA, Strategic Leadership

    BBA, Management






    Trinity River Authority

    Parker University



      Management Professor

      Leadership Advisor/Mentor

      Managing Consultant

      Professional Services Manager

      Director, Information Technology

      Senior Program/Portfolio Manager

     Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)



    Leading: From the Inside Out

    ISBN-10: 154723010X


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    Preston Rich, LLC offers its clients practical real-world leadership development training based on proven theoretical concepts.  Our leadership development program is centered on four basic tenets; individual behavior, transformational leadership, the social tier of motivation and character-based communication.  Communication, character, and effectiveness work together to help one understand their destiny.  In order to fully understand how all tenets work together, one must first understand how they communicate.  How do you communicate?  How does your team communicate? Is your team effective? As a leader, are you an effective communicator?

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